DZ CloudAbout DZ Cloud

  • File is split into multiple files and encrypted with different passwords
  • Automatically issue the same number of passwords as the number of splits
  • Distributed and store in multiple selected clouds

Distributed files with authentication function

Provide more secure cloud management

Individual password data authentication

"Individual password" is issued for each distributed file

Issuing individual password for each distributed file which enhance security level of distributed file.

Centralized cloud management

DZ Security centrally manages distributed files in different clouds

DZ security temporary stores the distributed files, assign individual password and distribute them to different cloud storage.

Since the files are centrally managed, the whereabouts of distributed files are never lost. It is safe in terms of security as it does not go through an unknown overseas server.

Automatic Full Restoration

Fully automatic restore
with DZ authentication

DZ Security's "Background Authentication"
Automatically restore distributed files safely

Do not need to authenticate each distributed file. All are"automatically authenticate in background"

DZ Authentication

Only registered users of DZ Authentication can automatically restore the distributed files

  • File restoration is done by "DZ authentication"
  • Password issued for each file and there is "no need to remember"
  • Even one of the distributed file is lost, it can be restored from the parity drive

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