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You are the Key!

No login, No logout, Magic Authentication.


No need to


Automatic user authentication

Iris recognition Voice recognition Voice recognition Touch ID Face ID

By integrating DZ Authentication and DZ File distribution, anyone can build a file distribution environment that only rightful users can access without requiring any special knowledge or setting. Confidential files uploaded in the cloud cannot be restored by anyone else.

DZ Security

DZ Security works behind the scenes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You are the Key!

DZ uses biometric parameters to authorize the legitimate owner to use the device.

No login needed

No login, No logout,
Magic Authentication.

No need password

DZ protects your assets

DZ protects everything, especially the most important things.


Your wallet is safe

Only you can access the phone, and only you can use the applications, nobody can enter your wallet.

Not only smart devices...

With DZ security only you can drive your car.


Random and unpredictable

Only you can use your phone

Nobody can pretend to be you.


If someone tries to illegally log into your smartphone,  DZ security protects you!
Only you can use your phone.

RED Biometrics
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100% safe

In addition DZ File Distribution, separates, encrypts and protects all your files in different clouds.
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