DZ AuthenticationAbout DZ Authentication

  • World's First Background Multi-factor Authentication
  • Always authenticates with "Behavior"
  • Fully automated login

Always protect users with background multi-factor authentication

Only initial registration is needed Continuously authenticate in the background User is a part of the security

Registered users are Authenticated automatically in the background At anytime

No authentication
is needed ,
if the registered user re-operates

With background authentication other non-registered users
are not able to use

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What is DZ Authentication?

  • Unlike normal authentication methods,
    the user doesn't aware of the authentication
  • Always authenticate "Behaviour"
  • Block non-registered user use

Authenticate 24/7
in the background

Zero burden on user
"Automatic Authentication"
with biometric and behavior data

If you are the authenticated user, you can use anytime, anywhere. If you are not the person, you won't be able to use the service

Multi-user Support   

Up to 9 users can be registered
Only users who have been
registered in advance

can use the service

Non-registered users are

"Unavailable" at anytime.
It is safe to use for electronic payment

Wide range of applications

Regardless of any industry,
"customization" is available.

Employee authentication, electronic payment authentication, entry record, device authentication etc.
customization is available for"any industry"

Please check the
below for industry's case studies

DZ Authentication Case Studies

Multi-Factor Authentication and
Accuracy Improvement Mechanism

  • DZ Security learns user's "behavior" data
  • Provides optimal authentication while accumulating information
  • Type of learning authentication method

Case Studies

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