Easy to use and no need to worry about being impersonate. Perfectly protects your privacy information.

It collects multiple biometric and behavior information and authenticates the registered user based on an appropriate comprehensive judgement.

Important files and divided and distributed to the clouds with each unique encryption key.

Ingenious technology that subvert the common sense and was developed through the wonderful wisdom and ingenuity of the past.

We continued research and development with the goal of developing a global security solution.

To Solve the Contradiction of the combination of "Convenience" and "Confidentiality".

"DZ Security"

Authentication Technology "DZ Authentication"

File Distribution Technology
"DZ cloud"

DZ Authentication
subverts your
common sense on authentication

  • High security level without worrying about personal information leakage or impersonation. Everyone can use it immediately with high convenience level. There is no setting or operation is required.
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DZ Cloud protects your files before it has been hacked or damaged.

  • In cooperation with “DZ Authentication”, only the registered user can distribute and decrypt the files automatically. All operations are done automatically, and you can enjoy high level of security with surprisingly low price.
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